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Wine Events on the Mornington Peninsula

Biosecurity Mornington Peninsula

04 Aug 2017 - 25 Aug 2017

With recent outbreaks of Phylloxera in nearby Victorian Regions the MPVA Executive Committee has resolved that our association vote upon the necessary surveys and protocols required to become a Phylloxera Exclusion Zone (PEZ). The MPVA Executive Committee has received full industry support for the surveys to be initiated as soon as possible. The compelling reasons for this are here

Frequently Asked Questions regarding the implementation of PEZ re zoning surveys here

More Phylloxera information and important Protocols here

An Important Phylloxera Rezoning & Rootstock Information forum was held on Tuesday 14 November from 10am - 12noon at Elgee Park.

All MPVA members, non members, staff, contractors, suppliers etc of the Mornington Peninsula wine industry were invited to attend. The forum will include:

  • rezoning program information
  • the protocols
  • regulations for fruit movement between PRZ’s and PEZ’s etc.

Agriculture Victoria now asks all Mornington Peninsula vineyard owners to complete the survey which is necessary for the Phylloxera re zoning activities to commence asap.

PLEASE COMPLETE YOUR DETAILS NOW via the link here to make the process as smooth and efficient as possible.

The information you will need to include follows:

•Owner/Manager name and address for each vineyard
•Title details (parish/crown allotment number) or PIC number
•Total area of vines planted (hectares)
•Year vines were planted (if known)
•Grape varieties •Whether planted on rootstocks
•History of use of contract staff/harvesters (if known)

Additionally Nick Dry provided an informed discussion on Phylloxera resistant/tolerant rootstocks and choices for now and the future, including an update on the MPVA Rootstock Trial, which commenced in 2014 - his presentation will be uploaded shortly. Nick was filmed in the vineyard the evening before the presentation checking the growth, in the Robinson Vineyard:

PLUS Register today for a Property Identification Code (PIC)

Agriculture Victoria and the Mornington Peninsula Vignerons Association (MPVA) are working together to improve biosecurity management practices on the peninsula by encouraging growers to embrace the Property Identification Codes (PIC) program.           

MPVA Technical Chairman Tyson Lewis said by registering for a PIC, Agriculture Victoria is able to quickly alert local growers about a plant pest infestation or disease outbreak that may hit hard on the hip pockets of their business...more

To apply for a PIC use the application form here