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The Region

The Mornington Peninsula Wine Region

Mornington Peninsula is a special place where vines thrive in sheltered undulating valleys nurtured by a maritime cool climate creating elegant, personality-packed award-winning wines - predominantly Pinot Noir and Chardonnay with Pinot Grigio and Shiraz a smaller presence.

Mornington Peninsula's signature wine? It is supple & alluring, coaxing elegant and delicate varietal characters from the locally grown Pinot Noir. Appropriately, the region's wines show great finesse but don't be fooled by any apparent delicacy, as these wines are packed full of intensity, structure & texture.

Mornington Peninsula Wines and Statistics

Walk pristine beaches and spectacular cliff tops, catch a wave, paddle a sea kayak, tackle the fairway at Cape Schanck, or sip a seductive Pinot Noir and feel the difference when you visit the Mornington Peninsula.

Less than an hour's drive south-east of Melbourne, the region now hosts 200 small-scale vineyards and more than 50 cellar doors offering visitors a personal warm welcome and taste of the region's diverse and impressive collection of fine wines. Mornington Peninsula wineries are supported by exceptional, and an increasing variety, of restaurants, bistros and cafes.

Maps of Mornington Peninsula Soils and Contours of the region

Biosecurity in the Mornington Peninsula focusses on Phylloxera protocols and strongly encourages those in the industry to be aware of and to implement the following protocols. Fopr those visiting the region please also be aware of the threat by Phylloxera...

For those in the industry, please follow these links and print these important documents for your reference and distribution to others during harvest and throughout the year.

The Mornington Peninsula is a PRZ (Phylloxera Risk Zone) as we are not defined to be with or without phylloxera. The rezoning program surveys aimed to declare Mornington Peninsula a PEZ (Phylloxera Exclusion Zone) commenced 8 January 2018.


Every effort should be made to ensure all properties and the region remains free of Phylloxera.

Biosecurity tips during harvest

Important Phylloxera Protocols to be aware of and spread the word

If dealing with other regions be aware of their zoning, as in this Phylloxera Zones Map

Print this Phylloxera Poster or pick up this and any other copies of these documents from the MPVA office

MPVA Membership Details are included in the following link:

Mornington Peninsula wine region background and Mornington Peninsula Vignerons Membership

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